Doesn’t Everyone Take A Sick Day To Go To The Beach?

This is a day that a person is off from his work duties in his or her usual working place. This is given to a sick person so that they can rest and recover from the injury or sickness. It is given by the organization after a person has gone to a doctor and needs time to rest and take the prescriptions in an easier way without being strained by their work duties.

There is always a procedure of applying a sick day. One cannot go home or anywhere and pretend to be sick and had not applied for a sick day. Therefore, it is a very important note. It is applied in the organization and the necessary authority grants it after signing it. The authority may be the immediate boss, the supervisor or the human resource department.

Some people can call from their homes requesting for a sick day, which will be granted to them, but the organization requires a medical report from the person when he or she is reporting back to work so that it can be proven he or she was sick and really needed the sick day. This does not necessarily require one to come and apply for the sick day.


Many people take a sick day for various reasons. These reasons depend with the person applying for a sick day.

A sick day can be applied by a person to help reduce stress build up by the workload in the organization. In this case many workers claim to have a persistent headache and fatigue that needs to be treated or managed by resting and not reporting to work as it affects the general performance. Such a sick day is given to an employee who has excellent performance and not to those who like lazing up in the organization and their performance is poor.

Only trusted employees can be granted this sick day. The performing workers may sometimes use their excellent work and the trust that the organization has for them to take an advantage of applying a sick day even when they do not have a genuine reason. This is because they are sure it will be given to them. In this case one may take a sick day to go to the beach and have fun with his or her family or friends without the organization’s knowledge. One can also go to the beach to help relieve the work load build up in his or her body. This will help him or her relaxes and gain more strength to up his or her performance hence increasing productivity of the organization.

Some people who take sick day do not always go to the beach. They instead rest in their homes as others are really sick and need to rest with minimal movements, hence no need to visit the beach.

In conclusion, not all everyone takes a sick day to go to the beach. Some may rest at hoe or go to other places to carry out some other businesses.

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