Quick home treatments for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are infections that affect the anus and lower rectum, which makes the anal system to be swollen and the veins to be inflamed. They are very painful as one feels a lot of pain when passing the stool and one can have a bloody stool and feels itchy at the part around the anal outlet which is uncomfortable. The itchiness is very irritating as one cannot just ignore it, but must scratch so as to relieve it, hence making a person feel uncomfortable while in public. They are common ailments and there should not be a cause of alarm as they can be treated and one goes on with their normal life. Hemorrhoids affect both men and women, hence it is not a gender based illness like some illness are. It also affects all ages where management is different depending on how the hemorrhoids have affected the person.

Causes of hemorrhoids can be constipation or the weight of a fetus during pregnancy, among other causes. This means they can be prevented and are not that fatal as they only require proper management.

Hemorrhoids are not only treated in hospitals but can also be treated at home. This is because there are many effective ways of treating them. Hemorrhoids that have developed to be fatal can be treated at the hospital as the patient may require to go through a surgical procedure to rectify the condition which is expensive and if not well managed and attended to can cause other infections to the other body parts like the colon hence making digestion to be a heavy task to be carried out.


Hemorrhoids can be caused by changes in one’s lifestyle. This can be treated at home by rectifying one’s lifestyle that is pausing danger to the anal system so as to avoid hemorrhoids cropping up in one’s health. One needs to stick on the only good and helpful lifestyle behaviors.

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home can involve the use of herbs. There are some cultures who do not believe in taking their patients to seek medical help in the hospitals rather they prefer the use of herbs. This is because the herbs are readily available in their location and no cost is incurred in the treatment procedure. This requires the knowledge on herbs as not all herbs are used to treat the same illness.

The herbs are either swallowed or inserted into the through his or her anus. They may sometimes be irritating but give a healing effect. Those who believe in the use of herbs claim that the herbs are chemical free and cause less harm as compared to hospital medication. The herbs can be Aloe Vera as it is known to be the best herb in medication among other herbs. One can also be given coconut oil. It can be applied to the anus to help the inflamed and swollen veins ease. This is also good as no harmful chemicals are found in it.

In conclusion, the treatment of hemorrhoids at home depends on the availability of the treatment options. You might need to use a super doctor’s note that can cover up for your absences if you don’t like anyone to discover what type of surgery you’ve been to.

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