Doctor’s notes for work. They’re for sale!

A doctor’s note is a summary indicating that a person is not fit to work. This helps a person to avoid a lot of explanation when he or she reports back to work. They are a good excuse for employees as they avoid being retrenched or sucked from their various places of work. Doctor’s note helps one to apply for a sick day in an easier way as he or she has a genuine reason for doing so.

When one fails to report to work he or she does not always need to call the organization (but this depends on the stated rules and regulations of a particular organization on absence from work) and give a reason why they are not coming to work on that particular day or days. One only needs to come with a well-written doctor’s note from a recognized hospital or a hospital whose services can be trusted by the organization.

Make the best fake doctor’s note to take time off work.

Technology has made many changes in various sectors including the medical sector. People have become so cunning with the knowledge in technology. They have designed ways that almost look like the real ones. Only those who have the knowledge in technology can be able to recognize the tricks applied if any.

If you’re planning to fake a legit looking doctors note, determined first if you have the capacity and knowledge to create one from scratch. If you don’t have those qualities, then you must go for notes being sold online. Don’t worry, they don’t cost as much as a day’s wage. The thing you will want from doing it is the fact that you’re guaranteed to successfully excuse your absences.

Doctor’s notes for work

dr6Employers have become so cunning and have also designed ways of trapping their employers into their tricks. This has been very successful with the availability of money as it is said money can buy everything including one’s freedom.

Doctor’s note for work can also be on sale. The rise of corruption in many countries has affected almost all professions, even though it is against most professional ethics. Doctors too have been affected by the greed of money. They sell notes of work to any person who needs them as long as they have the specified amount. These notes sold look similar to those that are genuine.

This helps employees who skipped a working day and went to do other businesses in the name of not feeling well. They collaborate with the doctor and tell the doctor what to say in case their employers call in to ask if the employee was really sick or it is just an excuse. The doctors stick to the information that their employers gave them to avoid compromising their own job because if discovered that they are lying, they can face heavy court charges which will make them to be terminated in their profession.

Organizations that insure their employees with health insurance require the Doctor’s notes for work so that they can pay the due charges. Employees who need to have that money all to themselves will also collaborate with the doctors to sell to them the notes and produce receipts which will facilitate the payments. After the payments are done the doctor shares the money with the employee according to the agreement.

In conclusion, not all doctor’s notes are genuine. Others are sold to employees as an excuse to be used in one’s reason of absence from work. You can find real looking authentic notes at


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