Is a clinic doctor as good as an emergency room?

The Clinic doctor introduction

A clinic doctor is a physician who treats patients in a clinic. The clinic may be specialized to treat some illness, hence the doctors found in it have only specified in those illnesses. A clinic may be dealing with matters to do with reproductive health, pediatrics’, skin infections, surgical issues, ear, nose and throat clinic among other ills. In big hospitals, these clinics are well divided and labeled so as to help the patients in locating a clinic, they have been sent too in an easier and faster way. There are some hospitals that have clinics that are not specified. The thing that is found in them is doctors specializing in different illness who attend to the patients.

An emergency room is a separate room found in hospitals where emergency cases that requires faster treatment so as to save the life of a patient by all means. It is located in a place where there is ease of access. Cases treated in the emergency room may include accidents, people who need oxygen, those who need to be taken to the intensive care unit and any other case that requires urgent attendance.


An emergency room is very equipped. It has medical equipments that are necessary for an urgent case and doctors and nurses who are always on standby to assist the critical patients. In this room, first aid is also given as the patient waits to be done some tests either specimens being sent to the lab or the patient being sent to the radiology department for further examinations.

A clinic doctor is very different from an emergency room, but the same clinic doctor can work in an emergency room. A clinic doctor attends to patients whose illness is not that urgent. Most of the patients who go to be attended in the clinics are sent from the emergency room after their condition have been stabilized and is out of danger.

A clinic doctor is not as well as an emergency room. This is because an emergency room operates for 24/7 as it deals with urgent cases which cannot wait for another minute, hour or a day. A clinic doctor has specific operating hours and some give appointments to their patients through their (doctors) secretaries. This is because most cases attended to at the clinics can be managed even at home waiting for the next examination day to check the progress in a patient’s health. If the doctor at the clinic finds out that some conditions are getting worse as days pass by, they can be sent to the emergency room where urgent treatment can be given. If one misses an appointment at a certain clinic he or she can wait for another day and see a doctor which is not possible in an urgent case where treatment should commence at once.

In conclusion, a clinic doctor can be as good as an emergency room depending with the hospital where one goes to seek for treatment.

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